Vacuum Casting

Aben manufactures parts in polyurethane cast from silicone mould tools using the process known as vacuum casting. A wide variety of polyurethanes are available including heat tolerant and clear materials.

Polyurethane parts manufactured by the vacuum casting process have appearance which is similar to an injection moulding. However, the tool used for the vacuum casting process is cast from an original SLA model. Tool costs are typically 10% of those required for injection moulding but part costs are more expensive. Consequently the accurate casting process is extremely useful for short or pilot production runs of parts that ultimately will be made by injection moulding. In certain circumstances vacuum cast polyurethane parts are used for the production process.

Typically the vacuum casting silicone mould tool will produce 20 to 25 parts before it needs replacing.

The Aben on line quoting tool does not yet produce vacuum casting quotes and so to obtain a price for your vacuum casting requirements please contact with any data you have and a description of the type and number of parts you require, and we will reply as soon as possible.