1) Create an account - note your delivery address and billing address can be different

2) Login

3) Start a new quote

4) Add a part

5) Check the part is correct using the in-built viewer

6) To add the part to your quote click on 'upload part', you will need a STL file

7) Once the part is uploaded, use the selection boxes on the quote to decide how you want the part, e.g SLA

8) Select the finish, colour etc you want for the part. note the price changes according to what you select.

9) You can then select the next part by clicking on 'add part'

10) After adding all your parts , select your delivery time using the slide bar. the price changes accordingly.

11) You can leave the quote, and come back later to add more parts, but be aware prices may change depending on our loading

12) Once you quote is completed click on 'save quote'

13) Your saved quote can now be see by clicking on 'saved quotes'

14) Onto our your quote, go to your saved quotes, and click on 'order this quote' you will receive an email

15) You can download your quote/order has many times through the saved quotes page