We are a new Company with big ambitions. Our staff who have been working in the prototyping and low volume production markets for more than 25 years. We offer Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) services, namely stereolithography and selective laser sintering in a range of resins and powders. We also offer CNC machining services capable of producing part in plastics and non-ferrous metals. Our ambition is to provide you with a comprehensive web based service, providing good delivery times, and very attractive pricing. Our strategy is to automate our services, and it is our goal to provide a completely automated on-line manufacturing service within the next 3 years.

October 1st 2018 – An auspicious day indeed. Aben Europe, a new force in Additive manufacture begins trading. Aben intends to develop new and automated systems for the production of parts by Additive Manufacture in order to reduce costs and delivery times. Our purpose is to make Additive Manufacture more accessible, simpler to use and to accommodate broader applications. If you have a project which you would like to discuss, please contact us.

1/10/18 – Aben Europe, a new force in Additive Manufacturing starts trading today. In-house processes include stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), part finishing to exhibition standards. Other services include vacuum casting, CNC machining, and investment casting. Aben promises to deliver an enhanced, web based service, at lower prices and higher quality than the competition. Aben intend to obtain ISO9001-2015 status by Quarter 1 2019, and AS9100 by summer 2019. More information can be found at www.abeneurope.co.uk.

For some of the parts which we are allowed to show you. Please let us know if you would be willing to allow us to show your parts.

Day 1 – Aben started trading on Monday 1st October 2018. Our purpose is to bring production pricing and logistics to additive manufacturing.

If you are interested in working in Additive manufacturing, please send you cv to help@abeneurope.co.uk